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Container Storage

Sometimes your container might arrive at the terminal prior to the loading time. That is not a problem for us due to our Container Storage services. BCTN has the capacity at its terminals to store empty and/or full containers for short or long periods of time, including containers not belonging to.. Read more

Terminal Services

Our terminals offer various services. These services include cleaning, upgrading and repairing of containers. In most cases, this can be carried out on site at all our terminals. In addition to these services, all our terminals offer the possibility to check the containers for gas. To do this, we.. Read more

Trucking Services

BCTN has its own fleet of trucks. This gives BCTN more flexibility when it comes to transportation to or from your location. We provide an integrated and cost-competitive service. We also have an LHV (Longer and Heavier Vehicle), which is 25.25 metres long and can transport 3 containers at one time.. Read more

Reefer Services

You can also call upon us if your container requires to be at a certain temperature (Reefer Services). Our terminals are equipped with reefer plugs. The containers are connected to these plugs to control the temperature inside them. Reefer plugs are not only present at the terminals but also on our.. Read more

Administrative Services

To make our barge connections more reliable, BCTN has made fixed window agreements with the major Rotterdam deep-sea terminals. With this new arrangement, we will be able to minimize port congestion issues and with that, ensuring our customers of reliable terminal arrival times and availability of.. Read more

Customs Services

For the transportation of goods, it is important that customs documents are accurate. BCTN can also help you with their Customs Services to ensure that no problems arise when en route and that your container is loaded or unloaded.. Read more

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