BCTN Service Level Agreement

Regular depots with barge connections:

Cetem Containers
CTT Pernis
Medrepair Barge Center (MBC)
United Waalhaven Terminals

* Kramer DCS/Home/RCT
** MRS City/Pernis
*** Progeco One/Three
**** United Waalhaven Terminals Depot Botlek/ Bunschotenweg / Waalhaven

If you use a depot that does not fall under the aforementioned regular depots, please contact one of our terminals to discuss the options.

Incomplete or incorrect booking

  • When a booking is incorrect or not available after Day A 12:00 AM the following applies:
  • An administrative fee (see table fees for the amount), if noticed and corrected on time in which case the transport can still be carried out.
  • A deadfreight fee (see table fees for the amount), if the transport can not be carried out according to plan.