Inland Terminal Den Bosch

Our inland terminal Den Bosch is located on the industrial estate ‘De Rietvelden’. This inland terminal has been one of the major players in the field of intermodal container transport in the Netherlands since 1995 and is therefore an important intermodal player in the region of Brabant.

Together with the strategic location, alongside the River Maas and the A2 and A59 motorways, and the industrial activities, this inland terminal is a major partner for shippers/receivers, shipping companies and forwarders. In addition, the inland terminal in Den Bosch is located next to the grounds of Spierings, which means that containers transported via BCTN Den Bosch can be processed in the warehouse of Spierings Smart Logistics without the intervention of trucks.

Our Inland Terminal Den Bosch, the Netherlands, shot by several drones.

We offer the following services:

  • Administrative Services

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  • Customs Services

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  • Container Storage

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