Barge Services

Within our service area, we provide the solution for all container transport. Through our extensive network in Northwest Europe, we guarantee a pre-arranged delivery time. To provide this guarantee, we are increasingly working on fixed calls with the deep sea terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp, which leads to an improved service. Download our fixed calls schedule here.

In addition to our Barge Services, BCTN offers also Terminal ServicesTrucking Services and many other.

Congestion/Bundling surcharge

As we have indicated before, bundling volumes and unloading and/or loading them in a fixed window is one of the best methods to tackle congestion in the port and to guarantee the reliability of intermodal transport.

The containers in BCTN’s network of 8 terminals are combined and planned in such a way that we can meet the higher number of containers per barge call at the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp. The costs for this bundling are €5,00 / TEU per single trip. The ECT has indicated that they will have to charge costs for these fixed windows. The ECT will charge these costs to BCTN as from January 1st 2019, even though BCTN is not a contract partner of the ECT. Unfortunately, as we have communicated before, BCTN is forced to charge these costs, which we want to minimize to a maximum of €5,00 / TEU per single trip. BCTN will give a discount of €2,50 / TEU per single trip on the congestion / bundling surcharge for the fixed calls at the ECT DDE / DDW / EMX. The total is set at € 7.50 / TEU / single trip and will be charged by BCTN.

The advantages of our Barge Services

  • Strong Network: our extensive network in the European hinterland and our 30 years of experience makes us a reliable partner;
  • Less congestion: by moving goods via our barges, we diminish congestions on the main highways;
  • Co2 reduction: in comparison with moving goods via trucks, our barging reduces 20- to 40% C02 emissions.

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