Brexit Impact

With all the current uncertainties around the UK leaving the EU, it is still completely unclear when and how this transition will take place. The only certainty at this moment is that time is running out and anything is possible, but preparing for the worst is the best thing to do at this moment. 

The parties, who are already import from, or export to non-EU countries know what needs to be done. For those who do not have this experience, BCTN has concerns about an efficient transport flow and we would like to communicate with you as soon as possible to understand your current preparation process to ensure unhindered passage of your goods, both for export as well as import.

During the first months of this year, we have been talking to the various authorities in Rotterdam such as Customs, the Port Community System operator and Customs Brokers, to discuss the possibilities and requirements to avoid any problems.

In any event, it is good to be aware of the following:

  • 55% of all container traffic and 90% of all Ro-Ro traffic to/from Rotterdam, is related to the UK.
  • 35.000 companies trading with the UK have no experience trading with non-EU countries, resulting in:
  • Import: 750.000 new customs declarations, + 18%
  • New entry summary declarations: 1.500.000, + 32%
  • Export: 4.200.000 new customs declarations, + 33%
  • New export summary declarations: 5.200.000, + 137%

As everyone will realize, such volumes can only be processed electronically by experienced parties already handling large volumes. In addition, the number of requests for assistance is so big, that i will only work if volumes and processes will be coordinated and basic agreements will be in place as soon as possible.

As BCTN we would like to offer any help or assistance you may need. We do have extended experience to handle imports and exports of goods to or from non-EU countries, so do not hesitate to contact us for any of these matters. Also find here more information!

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